April 3, 2020


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We Quit Quarantine and Went to Disney World | Personal

we quit quarantine and went to disney world at home
A little throwback to our last ACTUAL trip to Disney World.

Last week I posted about how I was managing this while COVID thing. But what about kids? They may seem aloof, but they are hearing and processing all of the same information that we are! I’ve spent the last 18 days focusing on my kids emotions during this heath crisis and they have been thriving. But this week, when the Governor of Virginia announced that our two week stint of social distancing would be extended until June 10th (a full 12 weeks!), I could see the disappointment, frustration and anger creeping across their faces so I did what any other mama would do- we quit quarantine and went to Disney World.

Obviously we didn’t physically go to Orlando, but Ella and I brought as much of the magic to Williamsburg as we could, given the limitations of social isolation. And it was just what our family needed!

Our surprise trip started by telling the little ones to grab their favorite Disney ears or hat (I wanted them to wear shirts too… but wan’t THAT prepared) and to meet us near the stairs. Everyone put on their MagicBand from our last trip. Ella cued up a recording of the famous monorail bings, bongs and the loading/unloading speech on her phone. Together they went on a “monorail ride” around our house. Next they all “scanned their band” on a cardboard disk made to look like the scanners at WDW. (things moved quickly- I forgot to get a picture of that.. the bag check will get you every time, right!?) I didn’t want to lug my professional camera around the “park”, so this blog features iPhone shots.

Sometimes less is more. This is one of those times!

Ella prepared character sightings using their favorite stuffed animals, you can see Olaf there in the corner! There were also a variety of “hidden mickeys” as well!

“riding” the coaster

Thanks to Youtube, we rode Slinky Dog Dash, hands up of course! Next was Tower of Terror. After that, Pirates of the Caribbean, complete with real life water sprays! While the boys were on their pirate ride, The girls spent some time at the Bibbity-Bobbity-Boutique. We also rode my personal favorite, Peter Pan’s Flight. And the final ride was It’s a Small World (the one that everyone moans and groans about but sits and observes quietly every time!).

Of course everyone knows that one of the best things at Disney is the snacks! Our Corona-cation “trip” included popcorn, served in our souvenir buckets, and the fam favorite, Mickey ice creams on a stick! “Daytime ice cream” is a very special treat that is reserved only for vacations so this was one of the best parts. We even took the obligatory “groupie” in front of the castle!

I’s JUST like being on Main Street USA!!

While it’s not nearly as magical as an actual day spent at The Magic Kingdom, this was a great way to spend an hour and a half. My hope is that my kids will talk about the time when we quit quarantine and went to Disney World in the most fond way when they tell their own kids about the Corona Crisis of 2020!

What are some ways that YOU are making memories during this time? I would love for you to share it in the comments!!


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Mickey Ice Cream

Monorail audio


  1. Beth says:

    So creative! You always impress me!

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