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My philosophy is that photography shouldn't be stressful. I do everything I can to make it an easy (and, dare I say... enjoyable) process. It won't take long for you to realize that I've never met a stranger and my clients are family. 

I believe in the joy that can be found in the simplest of moments. I believe in capturing these moments in images that will put in albums or placed in beautiful frames and hung on walls and admired for years to come.

I come from a family of personal historians. Growing up, there were always cameras and family albums around. Even at a very young age I loved looking at old family pictures and hearing the stories that went with them. 

With every session and wedding I work on, I strive to document this moment as a part of your family's story. My goal is to create the image that goes with the story that is told every Christmas. 

Your story is beautiful and I can't wait to capture it in images you will treasure for a lifetime. From proposal to parenthood, this is the story of your love: how it started and how it grows.

•Maternity • newborn • senior • Family PHOTOGRAPHER in Williamsburg, Va

MEET Jessica

I am a Midwesterner at heart, born and raised in America's Heartland. If a state touches one of the Great Lakes I've probably lived in it! (No, really- I've lived in five of the 8 states that touch a lake!!) My move to Williamsburg, Va is part of my epic love story with my husband Mike. When we moved here, right after graduating from high school, I hadn't ever been in "the south"! It was an adjustment, but we fell in love with our little host town & never left. 

These two magnificent regions have left their imprint on who I am today; the midwest imparted its humble and kind spirit and taught me about grit and determination. Crossing the Mason-Dixon Line taught me the beauty of southern hospitality and the art of adding a touch of charm into things! 

The rich soil that nourished
my  roots gave way to flourishing blooms

Naples, Florida

the  richardsons

“Jessica is amazing and makes the experience a joy- she connected with each family member to create a lifetime memory of that moment in time”



Kind of  a given right?! Like you, my family is everything to me! Life may be crazy sometimes but I wouldn't change it for anything!




Through the magical world of Disney, I grew up loving the idea of "Happily Ever After" and  knowing anything was possible. I am passing on the wonder and joy that Disney brings to my kids!


all things 


 It is no secret that I LOVE Starbucks. 
Iced or hot, I will never turn down a good latte!



We have our tried and true favorites (Orlando, NYC, Washington D.C and Chicago) but I am always looking for an adventure. My bucket list includes the UK, Alaska, Tennessee & Spain.


sneaking in
a little


I am that girl that could listen to the music year round.  I put my decorations up a little early and drag my feet in taking them down. I love the movies, the food and the merriment.



What I Love

Like any other photographer, I love capturing beautiful images.
I know that pretty pictures aren't what I was solely intended for on this Earth. My mission in this business is people over pictures... always! While the day-to-day tasks of the job are important I know that they aren’t the heartbeat of my business. My couples and families are!

I truly believe that the interactions and experiences that I give my clients are a special opportunity to impact lives! I feel so  blessed to have the ability to not only do what I love as a career, but blessed to add AMAZING people into my life in the process.  The relationships formed with my clients is, by far, my favorite part of my job! 

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