March 18, 2020


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Early Spring Maternity Session | Heather

I am known for my love of flowers, and flowering trees might get me the most excited! (Hello, cherry blossoms!) I am also known for my love of Colonial Williamsburg… which just happens to be abundant with all things flowering. SPRING is known for blooming and babies being born. BOOM, we are in Jessica’s sweet spot. And to top it all off, Heather did not disappoint in this early spring maternity session!

Heather is wearing her own boho style wrap dress and it is perfect for her! She decided to pamper herself and have her hair and make up done at Posh Salon, here in Williamsburg. She arrived glowing and ready to go!

An Early Spring Maternity Session Means blooms, but they can be hard to find!

Soooo… we have more BUDS than blooms. I think that one more week would have been ideal but I won’t complain. The sun was out, it’s wasn’t too cold and we had just enough wind to give us a dramatic effect!

When the wind kicked up and revealed Heathers knit slip dress I said, “Yaaaaaaaas GIRL!” Between the wrap dress, knit dress and hat, Heather got a huge gallery full of variety! I know it was hard to narrow it down.

Heather’s sweet husband B.J. met us at about the half way point. I am not sure that he was sold on the idea of what he was in for, but I think he appreciated the extra snuggles that came his way via my posing flow!

Now, these parents to be were so kind- they humored my desire to shoot at a dogwood that is in full bloom nearby. That was sort of a bust buuuuut- on a whim I brought them into the middle of the pedestrian street for some sassy & fun poses!

It’s often the images that I take on a whim are often my favorites!

What do you think?

We won’t find out if B.J. & Heather are having a son or daughter until he or she is born in May. (I will update you once I know!)


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