April 15, 2020


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Matthew + Taylor | Surprise Proposal

The Campus of The College of William and Mary

One day I received a call from Matthew about documenting his proposal to his girlfriend, Taylor. His excitement and nerves came through loud and clear but his plan for the love of his life was nothing short of fairytale status. With the help of his friends, Matthew planned a surprise proposal. It was complete with a Bruce Springsteen serenade, lots of fresh flowers, confetti poppers and, of course, a ring.

The original location, The Martha Wren Briggs Amphitheatre, held personal significance to the couple but had been damaged due to a storm. Matthew acted quick and chose a back up location, the old abandoned amphitheater that is a local fable. Albeit darker than my typical locations and harder to get the light and airy look I am known for, it was still magical in it’s own way!!

In just the short amount of time that I spend with Matthew before Taylor arrived I really got a sense of how much he loves her. He put so much thought and effort into making this moment special for them. It blew me away! As show time approached I watched Matthew go from carefully moving flower pots and rehearsing steps to a fidgety ball of nerves to a loving partner filled with emotion that overflowed (he may have need a moment to recompose himself).

Taylor was ushered down the mystic, steep stairway as her beau lip sync their favorite Bruce tune- Born to Run. Matthew was even dressed for the part! Taylor might have been expecting a proposal, but I am not quite sure she was prepared for everything that Matthew had in store!

If this surprise proposal is any indication of what their wedding will be like, I can not WAIT! My favorite weddings are full of personal touches, little quirks and LOTS of beautiful emotion.

This is where Taylor began her decent into the amphitheater
Yep, there was a photographer!! woo hoo!!
surprise proposal william and mary
surprise proposal william and mary
surprise proposal
surprise proposal
surprise proposal william and mary
surprise proposal william and mary
surprise proposal william and mary
surprise proposal william and mary


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